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  1. How does Boatbay work?

    Boatbay is a community website connecting boat and yacht owners with people looking to rent or charter a boat of any kind. Please see How Boatbay Works

  2. What is the cancelation policy for boat bookings?

    The boat owner determines the cancellation policy when listing their boat. There are four levels of cancellation policies to protect both the boat owner and boat renter or charterer. All refunds exclude the Boatbay service fee.

    Flexible: Full refund 7+ days before departure

    Fair: 50% refund if cancellation is done 7+ days before departure

    Moderate: 75% refund if cancellation is 12+ weeks before departure
    - 50% refund if cancellation is 8-12 weeks before departure
    - 20% refund if cancellation is 4-8 weeks before departure
    - No refund if cancellation is within 4 weeks of departure

    Strict: No refund after booking confirmation

    In special circumstances, the boat owner and renter (or charterer) can work out the cancellation policy.

  3. What are Boatbay’s Terms and Privacy Policy?

    Please view Terms and Privacy Policy.

  4. For Renters and Charterers

  5. Do I need training, licenses, or certifications to rent a boat?

    If you are renting or chartering a boat, you will need an appropriate license and motor boating or sailing experience. However, it is ultimately up to the boat owner to gauge your experience with using their boat. If you are chartering a boat which comes with a certified captain, you won’t need a license. It’s preferable that you do have some experience on the water and are a capable swimmer.What happens when a boat owner does not respond to my booking request?Sometimes this does happen and we recommend you search for another boat on which will meet your preferences. If this happens more than once, please email and we will follow up on your behalf.

  6. What happens when a boat owner does not respond to my booking request?

    Sometimes this does happen and we recommend you search for another boat on which will meet your preferences. If this happens more than once, please email and we will follow up on your behalf.

  7. What additional costs can I expect?

    It’s important to take into account arrival and departure costs, deposits, insurance plus food and beverages. Costs may also arise for the skipper, crew, cleaning, fuel, local taxes and the rental of extra equipment. Please check in advance with your boat owner through Boatbay’s Contact Owner direct messaging feature.

  8. Should I write a Review?

    Absolutely. Reviews are written by real Boatbay users who have booked boats on the site and want to let the Boatbay community know of their experiences. Reviews are your opportunity to build a good reputation in the Boatbay community, as well as to tell the community about your experience. Reviews help other renters and charterers decide from whom to rent or charter, and which boat to choose.

  9. How much does it cost to hire a skipper?

    The cost of hiring a skipper to take responsibility for the boat depends on the location, size of the boat, type of boat and experience of the skipper. Usually a daily or weekly package is agreed and paid prior to departure. Prices normally range from USD 50 to USD 120 per day.What happens at handover of the boat?

  10. What happens at handover of the boat?

    Upon arrival you should meet with the boat owner, fleet manager, representative from the charter company, or designated person who has a profound understanding of the boat or yacht. They should explain important rules and procedures regarding power supply, gas, fuel and use of the head (toilet). You should check that all the necessary safety items are on board such as distress signals, safety rafts, maps, charts and radios. It is important to make sure that everything is in working order before setting sail. Ideally, take a mobile phone and get an emergency phone number from the boat owner or charter company. If the boat has a VHF radio, confirm the emergency channel/frequency prior to departure.

  11. How much does it cost to use Boatbay?

    Boatbay does not charge you for searching and booking a boat. A commission is taken from the boat owner or charter company once the boat has been booked and confirmed.

  12. Why do boat prices vary from that listed on the opening search results page?

    All boats listed on Boatbay will indicate the ‘from’ price on the initial search pages. These prices will vary according to seasonal rates and the low prices you see displayed on the search results page, are likely to be the prices offered in low season(s) for any particular location.

  13. For Boat Owners

  14. How do I list my boat(s) on Boatbay?

    1. Sign up, create a profile and upload a profile picture.
    2. List your Boat. Once you have signed in, simply click the LIST YOUR BOAT button (Orange button located top right corner of the homepage). Accurately describe your boat and select the appropriate equipment to give potential renters, charterers and sailors a good idea on what your boat has to offer.
    3. Book your boat. Answer messages and booking requests from perspective renters in a timely manner using Boatbay’s messaging system. Your response rate and search placement depend on it, so don't keep your potential renters waiting. Review the person who rented your boat once they have returned her. Voicing your experience is an essential part of building Boatbay’s trusted seafaring community.

  15. Does Boatbay screen people's boating ability before they contact boat owners?

    No, it is up to the boat owner to determine who they rent or charter their boat to. We highly recommend boat owners to check potential renters/charterers qualifications and boating experience prior to booking confirmation; and request for relevant documentation to be provided upon arrival. You may consider requiring a deposit or offer to take the renter boating yourself.

  16. I run a commercial rental/charter company; can I still list my boats on Boatbay?

    Definitely! Boatbay is the ideal platform for commercial rental and charter companies to list their available inventory. Boatbay manages on-going search engine marketing and social media campaigns to drive targeted leads to your boats.

  17. Is there a charge for commercial rental/charter operators to list boats on Boatbay?

    No. Your listings and leads are entirely free. A commission is charged only after the boat has been booked and confirmed.